Friday, 9 June 2017

Knowing Some Process Related With Research Paper

The important task of a researcher is the conversion of technical information into the high-level scientific group. Construction for a written scientific manuscript needs deep study and writing the scientific facts with the top level of accuracy. However, the first step for writing a research paper requires the writing of the first draft or a proposal. A research paper is mainly used for exploring and identifying scientific and technical issues. Writing a research paper is followed by four main stages. The steps include choosing an authenticated topic, researching the topic, making a perfect outline, and making the actual writing. It is good to remember that the paper is not going to get written itself, rather it is carried out by planning and preparing. The most important step is to eliminate the chances of acquiring plagiarism. Medcrave is a website offering all type of scientific journal and articles freely.

Facts Related To the Reviewer Working For Research Paper-

Reviewers are considered to be the prominent person in research field offering the best quality of content. Reviewers are hired with core responsibility for giving genuine and constructive comments along with criticism associated with the manuscripts. Reviewer comments and reviews are the crucial factors for the editors to take any further decision on the manuscript. Despite all Medcrave Predatory Publisher Rumors, it is found that with the help of expert reviewer the peer review is done efficiently that makes a manuscript stronger. However, the reviewer directly has no authority to edit or change any features in the script before the publication.

A reviewer has the only power to give their personal comment and suggestion to the Editor only but they're any particular accusation cannot be taken for granted. Without taking permission from the Editor, the reviewer has no rights to contact directly to the author. During the whole process, it is mandatory for the reviewer not to disclose his identity. The comments and reviews laid by any reviewer are not supposed to be get influenced by any, religion, language and factors including nationality, ethnicity, gender.

Guidelines Followed By an Author-

Authors come with innovative findings for their respective research paper. The author follows specific guideline while writing his paper. His content tends to be unique, authenticated and related to science. They submit their paper only after it is in the right format mentioned in the intended guidelines which then is presented to the expert group. The guideline follows a particular direction for font and format. The research paper includes finding and methodology used while writing the paper followed by instructions. Before submitting the content, it is mandatory by the author to present the unique and original manuscript used for publications. A cover letter is intended to report to the editorial board as it works as a professional and excellent impression.  The format of cover letter demands to have the names of the co-authors of the content in addition to it should contain the list of citation used for writing the paper.

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