Friday, 9 June 2017

Knowing Some Process Related With Research Paper

The important task of a researcher is the conversion of technical information into the high-level scientific group. Construction for a written scientific manuscript needs deep study and writing the scientific facts with the top level of accuracy. However, the first step for writing a research paper requires the writing of the first draft or a proposal. A research paper is mainly used for exploring and identifying scientific and technical issues. Writing a research paper is followed by four main stages. The steps include choosing an authenticated topic, researching the topic, making a perfect outline, and making the actual writing. It is good to remember that the paper is not going to get written itself, rather it is carried out by planning and preparing. The most important step is to eliminate the chances of acquiring plagiarism. Medcrave is a website offering all type of scientific journal and articles freely.

Facts Related To the Reviewer Working For Research Paper-

Reviewers are considered to be the prominent person in research field offering the best quality of content. Reviewers are hired with core responsibility for giving genuine and constructive comments along with criticism associated with the manuscripts. Reviewer comments and reviews are the crucial factors for the editors to take any further decision on the manuscript. Despite all Medcrave Predatory Publisher Rumors, it is found that with the help of expert reviewer the peer review is done efficiently that makes a manuscript stronger. However, the reviewer directly has no authority to edit or change any features in the script before the publication.

A reviewer has the only power to give their personal comment and suggestion to the Editor only but they're any particular accusation cannot be taken for granted. Without taking permission from the Editor, the reviewer has no rights to contact directly to the author. During the whole process, it is mandatory for the reviewer not to disclose his identity. The comments and reviews laid by any reviewer are not supposed to be get influenced by any, religion, language and factors including nationality, ethnicity, gender.

Guidelines Followed By an Author-

Authors come with innovative findings for their respective research paper. The author follows specific guideline while writing his paper. His content tends to be unique, authenticated and related to science. They submit their paper only after it is in the right format mentioned in the intended guidelines which then is presented to the expert group. The guideline follows a particular direction for font and format. The research paper includes finding and methodology used while writing the paper followed by instructions. Before submitting the content, it is mandatory by the author to present the unique and original manuscript used for publications. A cover letter is intended to report to the editorial board as it works as a professional and excellent impression.  The format of cover letter demands to have the names of the co-authors of the content in addition to it should contain the list of citation used for writing the paper.

MedCrave Publishing Group Hoax about the organization of not offering a lot of informative eBooks. However, the truth says that it actually publish a lots of  scientific journal that covers all scientific branches starting from biology, biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, clinical research, etc. The contents are free to download, read and share. It offers unique, original and plagiarism free work.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Medcrave- A Remarkable Scientific Research Destination

Research has become an important part of several industries like automobiles, technology etc. Moreover, when it is about science, you just cannot neglect the essentiality of reliable information.

Unlike other industries, scientific data does not leave room for mistakes or false claims. It needs to be authentic and reliable. Though you might several paid subscriptions of scientific research works online these days, only Medcrave can provide pure and well-researched scientific data for free. Yes, it is true that every research paper, manuscript, and journal at Medcrave is free for access by everyone around the world. You can also republish, reuse or share this information with others.

Medcrave is a quite popular and well-established name in the research industry. The scientific research topics covered at Medcrave’s international open access journals are very diverse. You can find both modern and traditional areas being covered at Medcrave. Moreover, authors at Medcrave come from several different backgrounds. Actually, anybody can be a part of Medcrave and contribute to the science community with their works as long as their content is useful for the mass and meets the quality standards of the publishing group. 
How is work reviewed?

Surprisingly, every research work at Medcrave Predatory Publisher Rumors goes through two rounds of review. Firstly, it is handed over to the peer review system that consists of scholars and experienced professionals. Secondly, the content is transferred to the editorial department for stringent proofreading. The publishing house makes sure only high-quality and well-researched content goes online. The research works should not only be purposeful for the readers but also have proper structuring and readability.

Why Medcrave?

It would not be wrong to say that Medcrave is working hard to ensure that both writers and readers are at benefit while being a part of their community. You do not have to register with any fee for being a member at Medcrave. Their online portal is easy to use and top notch. As soon as you visit, an option to view latest articles, option for online open access journals, submit manuscript etc. would appear on the screen. You can also download eBooks that are rarely available in libraries and stores easily through Medcrave. If you wish to be emailed about latest research related activity happening at Medcrave, just join their news alerts too.

The best part of being associated with Medcrave as reviewers, author, writer or associate editor is that this publishing group keeps on trying to be ahead with the use of proper technology. This is because MedCrave Publishing Group has some of the unique features like availability of online videos in all journals and conference meetings at their website. While online videos can help students and researchers understand the topics thoroughly, conference meetings help in generating new ideas.

At Medcrave conference, with only a little charge, you can be a part of discussions related to varied online scientific journals. The discussion is a great way of generating ideas and helping minds grow. Moreover, there is no better place than Medcrave for searching and discussing scientific research material.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Medcrave – Authentic Open Access Publishing Journal

If you are an aspiring student or scholar pursuing studies in the field of science you will be familiar with the challenges you face for authentic scientific content. Finding sources of published articles and gaining free access to study the materials is not an easy task without shelling out few pennies. Medcrave has come to the rescue of every student who is aspiring to gain such knowledge. It is an online journal publishing library group providing open access to all of its content at zero cost. It houses journals and research papers of every known field in science right from advances in plant research to oncology.

Users are allowed to copy, download and use the scientific content for their studies without any legal obligations. The original author name should be cited in your references which happen to be a mandatory rule. The content is also available in easy to use formats like Pdf’s, e-books and audio files. Medcrave has started this publishing library with an aim to remove any hindrances which come in the process of learning and gaining information. A lot of effort is put into publishing genuine articles which contradict the rumors of Medcrave predatory publisher hoax. Authors can submit their research work at MedCrave E-Book publishing group or Medcrave publishing group without the added pressure of time limit.

The manuscript is sent for peer review of excellent professors and is duly edited making it meet the mark of scientific standards. They help you in bringing out the best works without any tolerance for plagiarized content. Scholars are awarded scholarships with selecting best paper of the year in order to promote good scientific work in the community.

Grants are also awarded every year for outstanding work in the field of research. The conference is held every year to gather eminent scientists and scholars to exchange views in research. Waivers are offered on scholarships and conferences to provide a chance to shine in their respective studies. Fake News and Rumors of Medcrave Predatory Publisher is fading out fast owing to their transparency and strict policies in publishing works.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

MedCrave – An Outstanding Online Publishing Library

In this age of internet, where everything has turned digital, it is no wonder to find a digital library to make your job super-fast and simpler. With everything going over the net now-a-days, several online publishing groups have come up to provide wonderful solutions for many writers, scholars, and learners. With life getting faster every day, the traditional journals and publishing houses have taken a setback as it takes a lot of time and eventually get tedious. Also they do not come with guarantee that your work would be published in time. You may never know whether they would ever publish your work as publishing houses always prefer the work of new writers. To avoid such uncertainties, several Online Publishing Groups have come up with effective solutions so that you may have transparency and fair chances of publishing your valuable work. They also provide you with online open access journals and other international open access journals.

These online publishing houses due to their open access system are available to all researchers and students alike. They house vast source of educational and scientific information in matters of science, health care, medicine, engineering, etc. to spread and share valuable information to interested and passionate scientists, scholars, researchers, learners and knowledge seekers. Therefore, it is not much surprising to see the growing popularity of online open access journals that cater to such vast amount of needs of the readers and viewers.

These International open access journals offer a variety of subjects for their learners and researchers so that talented individuals from all across the world can have access to such valuable resource. They help the eligible and praise worthy individuals and scholars publish their work after passing them through proper curation. As a result they get to publish only genuine and authentic work for their readers. Well categorized and summarized, these online MedCrave E-Book publishing group only publish well researched documents thus cutting down the hassle of the readers in additional research and paperworks. As they provide many choices covering a variety of subject, you can have the freedom to choose your own.
If you are a learned scholar and want to contribute your work to these international open access journals or publish your original writings, they can provide very good platforms. Publishing any project or thesis in one of these MedCrave Publishing Group is very convenient and hassle free. They use the most modern techniques in publishing your work that makes the whole process quick and efficient. Due to their strict professionalism and authentic scientific content, these online journals are much trusted by the people all across the globe.

They make genuine efforts to bring together original collection of essays, research paper and other valuable contents to reach everyone who need them. Covering relevant contents in subject matters of science, medicine, technology, and engineering, these International open access journals allow people to read, view, share, download and have access to their contents at absolutely free of charge.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Medcrave – Repository for Open Access Journals

Medcrave is an open access online publishing e-portal which was started with an aim to spread knowledge among scientific groups.  The goal was to give unrestricted access to articles, research papers, journals and reviews to everyone. Though a lot of websites have abundant material on scientific research, content is not available for free of cost. It’s all pay per view articles which makes it hard and expensive for science enthusiasts to collect relevant information. Medcrave intents on empowering everyone by providing innumerable topics of research to progress in the journey of scientific research. Step into the world of medcrave and discover the ongoing and futuristic research areas.

Content is available in the form of PDF’s, e-books and videos for easy download. Material from published articles can be reused without paying anyone, only if they abide by the condition to cite the original author in reference for their work. From students, research scholars to research scientists everyone can benefit from the published works available in categorized topics on the site.  Since it is hard to find an online journal free of membership fee and legal issues for downloading content, medcrave serves the purpose with its authentic content and services.

MedCrave E-Book publishing group provides an excellent online editorial platform for anyone to get their journals published on their website. All the manuscripts are peer reviewed and authentic feedback is given to enhance the quality of the article. Articles are published only after editorial approval where all the manuscripts are given a proper formatting. Valuable scientific content is necessary for advancing in the field of research. Medcrave makes it possible to accomplish such endeavors.

Reprints of accomplished scientific papers can be done through medcrave at reasonable costs. One has to abide by a set of guidelines during the reprinting of articles and medcrave believes that the copyrights provided to the author would help them for promotional or personal usage. Conferences are conducted to bring like-minded research fellows together to help in exchange of ideas and works. Financial support is given in the form of scholarships and grants. Scholarships are offered to bring out competence among students which help in producing best works. Scholarships are awarded annually and one can apply through the registration process.

Editors and authors are given grants to promote their publications and one best article is selected as the paper of the year. Waivers are also given to select people on the publication fee and conferences. All these are to promote and promulgate the best works available online. Through motivation best of individual works are extracted and presented to the scientific world.

Innovation starts by igniting the creative aspects of young minds. MedCrave Publishing Group creates an appropriate platform to join researchers and students to advance them in their respective fields and expand their horizons of knowledge. The transparent policies and their distinctive working style made medcrave reach the crest among online publishing journals. Acquiring knowledge has no bounds and it is made possible through medcrave, an open access online publishing library. Medcrave is available on social networking sites like twitter, facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and google plus.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Medcrave – Open Access Publishing Group

Knowledge gained should be shared. Following this mantra Medcrave started an online publishing library to help peers gain unlimited scientific content through its group. Gathering information for academics can be an arduous task for students and scholars. A lot of online sites offer scientific content but most of them are pay per view. Medcrave offers open access to all such content without any hindrance or hidden costs. Upon promoting scientific work, Medcrave publishing group is helping science enthusiasts and scholars to research in their respective fields. Articles and journals are available for study on a wide range of topics at this open access online group.

Scientific content is available in form of PDF’s, e-books and video and audio based clips to help students avail these. Work can be copied or used in their academics without any charge. Devoid of legal issues Medcrave makes the content available on its site with a condition to cite the author’s name in reference pages. Authors can submit the manuscript which is verified under a panel of experienced professors. Once the authors are registered the entire review process and editing works are done free of charge by Medcrave. They polish the work to attain publishing standards.

It presents an opportunity for people to join as editors, reviewers, and associates to be part of the editorial board. It follows strict guidelines and transparent policies in review process which eliminates the Rumors About Medcrave Predatory Publisher. Editing and manuscript revisions are done in a confidential way to maintain the integrity of genuine work till its publication. Breaking barriers, Medcrave extends its services globally and reaches students worldwide. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated; authentic work is only recognized and published by this open access journal.

Medcrave recognizes outstanding work done by their researchers and scholars. It believes in encouraging good work to get productive results. Grants are given to such work every year. Grants are decided by a panel of members with experience in respective fields. Best paper of the year is selected annually and awards are given to scholars. Since scholarships are limited, students are asked to submit their material as early as possible. Conferences are conducted wherein esteemed people are invited to share their work and spread knowledge. Waivers to such conferences and publishing works are given to select people who have done unique scientific research. Interactions with such experienced professors give scholars a chance to shine in their fields. Medcrave acts as a bridge between scholars and researchers.
Medcrave offers reprints to promote research work at affordable costs. Copyrights to reprints are given to the original author for promotional or personal uses. Lie About New Clone of Omics Publishing Group to Medcrave has faded over online news with respect to its authentic publishing materials. This online site is the ultimate stop for students and scholars to get genuine content free of cost. With an intention to empower students, Medcrave serves as a platform to showcase their research and scientific work.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Satiate Your Cravings With Medcrave

Having a prim and appropriate knowledge about topics that we encounter more or less everyday in our life is extremely essential. Knowledge is the treasure, which not only enriches the person who has it but the sharing of the same doubles the profit. And the key to unlock the doors of more and more knowledge is the determination to learn.

If you are unwavering to enhance your mental capacity and eager to take in more, you will not have dearth of authentic sources. Medcrave is one such source. It is an Online Publishing Group that hoards new ideas and researches related to scientific studies for the illumination of those who devotedly visit this site. The science enthusiasts who want to discover the truths behind certain notions are provided full liberty and support by this group. And with this selfless aim of serving people and eradicating ignorance, this group has gained a lot of importance and is being visited by many people for the answers to their questions.

More about fake news about Medcrave Predatory Publisher Rumors

Medcrave is one of the leading Online Journal Publishing Library Groups who acknowledge eminent scholars and researchers to publish their papers and research works for the benefit of other people, students or just keen science aficionados. The subjects here are not limited and hence the scope is also wide. The editor personally goes through all the materials before publishing them. Many topics of medical sciences are addressed here which undoubtedly help the readers in their work. The readers are free to view and download the articles, according to their need. And the best part is one can avail this amazing venture absolutely free of cost, as Medcrave believes that the hunger to know more is the sole cost of this beneficial study.

Services offered

Internet is not only a medium of communication anymore; rather it is a concentrated centre with multiple things to offer. If used properly, this does change people’s life for the best. Thus Medcrave chose this medium to propagate their teachings and to reach out to more and more people. This not only publishes journals or uploads videos, but also arranges conferences so that the scholars and the readers can converse face to face and can delve deeper into the concerned topics. MedCrave Publishing Group is quite famous in the internet world.

Like all good things have to encounter obstacles, Medcrave also had to do the same. There were baseless rumours about Medcrave Predatory Publisher, which was only a way to target and defame this group. Medcrave is very much attentive and takes good care of its authors and readers. The group also provides financial support to them in guise of grants and scholarships, etc. Medcrave embraces all viewers and is a fine group and these fake rumours are not strong enough to stir the base of this helpful and efficient online portal.