Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Medcrave – Repository for Open Access Journals

Medcrave is an open access online publishing e-portal which was started with an aim to spread knowledge among scientific groups.  The goal was to give unrestricted access to articles, research papers, journals and reviews to everyone. Though a lot of websites have abundant material on scientific research, content is not available for free of cost. It’s all pay per view articles which makes it hard and expensive for science enthusiasts to collect relevant information. Medcrave intents on empowering everyone by providing innumerable topics of research to progress in the journey of scientific research. Step into the world of medcrave and discover the ongoing and futuristic research areas.

Content is available in the form of PDF’s, e-books and videos for easy download. Material from published articles can be reused without paying anyone, only if they abide by the condition to cite the original author in reference for their work. From students, research scholars to research scientists everyone can benefit from the published works available in categorized topics on the site.  Since it is hard to find an online journal free of membership fee and legal issues for downloading content, medcrave serves the purpose with its authentic content and services.

MedCrave E-Book publishing group provides an excellent online editorial platform for anyone to get their journals published on their website. All the manuscripts are peer reviewed and authentic feedback is given to enhance the quality of the article. Articles are published only after editorial approval where all the manuscripts are given a proper formatting. Valuable scientific content is necessary for advancing in the field of research. Medcrave makes it possible to accomplish such endeavors.

Reprints of accomplished scientific papers can be done through medcrave at reasonable costs. One has to abide by a set of guidelines during the reprinting of articles and medcrave believes that the copyrights provided to the author would help them for promotional or personal usage. Conferences are conducted to bring like-minded research fellows together to help in exchange of ideas and works. Financial support is given in the form of scholarships and grants. Scholarships are offered to bring out competence among students which help in producing best works. Scholarships are awarded annually and one can apply through the registration process.

Editors and authors are given grants to promote their publications and one best article is selected as the paper of the year. Waivers are also given to select people on the publication fee and conferences. All these are to promote and promulgate the best works available online. Through motivation best of individual works are extracted and presented to the scientific world.

Innovation starts by igniting the creative aspects of young minds. MedCrave Publishing Group creates an appropriate platform to join researchers and students to advance them in their respective fields and expand their horizons of knowledge. The transparent policies and their distinctive working style made medcrave reach the crest among online publishing journals. Acquiring knowledge has no bounds and it is made possible through medcrave, an open access online publishing library. Medcrave is available on social networking sites like twitter, facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and google plus.

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