Monday, 3 April 2017

Medcrave – Open Access Publishing Group

Knowledge gained should be shared. Following this mantra Medcrave started an online publishing library to help peers gain unlimited scientific content through its group. Gathering information for academics can be an arduous task for students and scholars. A lot of online sites offer scientific content but most of them are pay per view. Medcrave offers open access to all such content without any hindrance or hidden costs. Upon promoting scientific work, Medcrave publishing group is helping science enthusiasts and scholars to research in their respective fields. Articles and journals are available for study on a wide range of topics at this open access online group.

Scientific content is available in form of PDF’s, e-books and video and audio based clips to help students avail these. Work can be copied or used in their academics without any charge. Devoid of legal issues Medcrave makes the content available on its site with a condition to cite the author’s name in reference pages. Authors can submit the manuscript which is verified under a panel of experienced professors. Once the authors are registered the entire review process and editing works are done free of charge by Medcrave. They polish the work to attain publishing standards.

It presents an opportunity for people to join as editors, reviewers, and associates to be part of the editorial board. It follows strict guidelines and transparent policies in review process which eliminates the Rumors About Medcrave Predatory Publisher. Editing and manuscript revisions are done in a confidential way to maintain the integrity of genuine work till its publication. Breaking barriers, Medcrave extends its services globally and reaches students worldwide. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated; authentic work is only recognized and published by this open access journal.

Medcrave recognizes outstanding work done by their researchers and scholars. It believes in encouraging good work to get productive results. Grants are given to such work every year. Grants are decided by a panel of members with experience in respective fields. Best paper of the year is selected annually and awards are given to scholars. Since scholarships are limited, students are asked to submit their material as early as possible. Conferences are conducted wherein esteemed people are invited to share their work and spread knowledge. Waivers to such conferences and publishing works are given to select people who have done unique scientific research. Interactions with such experienced professors give scholars a chance to shine in their fields. Medcrave acts as a bridge between scholars and researchers.
Medcrave offers reprints to promote research work at affordable costs. Copyrights to reprints are given to the original author for promotional or personal uses. Lie About New Clone of Omics Publishing Group to Medcrave has faded over online news with respect to its authentic publishing materials. This online site is the ultimate stop for students and scholars to get genuine content free of cost. With an intention to empower students, Medcrave serves as a platform to showcase their research and scientific work.

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