Thursday, 27 April 2017

Medcrave – Authentic Open Access Publishing Journal

If you are an aspiring student or scholar pursuing studies in the field of science you will be familiar with the challenges you face for authentic scientific content. Finding sources of published articles and gaining free access to study the materials is not an easy task without shelling out few pennies. Medcrave has come to the rescue of every student who is aspiring to gain such knowledge. It is an online journal publishing library group providing open access to all of its content at zero cost. It houses journals and research papers of every known field in science right from advances in plant research to oncology.

Users are allowed to copy, download and use the scientific content for their studies without any legal obligations. The original author name should be cited in your references which happen to be a mandatory rule. The content is also available in easy to use formats like Pdf’s, e-books and audio files. Medcrave has started this publishing library with an aim to remove any hindrances which come in the process of learning and gaining information. A lot of effort is put into publishing genuine articles which contradict the rumors of Medcrave predatory publisher hoax. Authors can submit their research work at MedCrave E-Book publishing group or Medcrave publishing group without the added pressure of time limit.

The manuscript is sent for peer review of excellent professors and is duly edited making it meet the mark of scientific standards. They help you in bringing out the best works without any tolerance for plagiarized content. Scholars are awarded scholarships with selecting best paper of the year in order to promote good scientific work in the community.

Grants are also awarded every year for outstanding work in the field of research. The conference is held every year to gather eminent scientists and scholars to exchange views in research. Waivers are offered on scholarships and conferences to provide a chance to shine in their respective studies. Fake News and Rumors of Medcrave Predatory Publisher is fading out fast owing to their transparency and strict policies in publishing works.


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